About me

Gabriela AvramHi! This is the online home of Gabriela Avram.

If you’d like to label me:

The Tipping Point calls my kind of people Connectors; others called us “knowledge brokers” or “boundary spanners”. I get a sort of thrill when it occurs to me that the person I’m talking to seems to have a common interest with someone else I know (or heard of), or could be interested in a particular resource or method or tool I know of.

My different hats:

  • I work as a lecturer at the University of Limerick in Ireland, teaching on the Digital Media Design and Music, Media and Performance Technology programmes, as well as the master’s in Interactive Media in UL.
  • My research currently focuses on social media and locative practices, communities, sustainable living and urban environments. Between 2005 and 2008 I was involved  in a project studying collaborative work practices in distributed software development, getting the chance to observe software development teams at work in IBM and to work with an Open Source community.
  • I am a social media enthusiast & early adopter and occasionally provide advice to companies – big and small- on how they could benefit from using social media to their advantage.
  • I am a member of miLKlabs, the Limerick hackerspace and I have a strong interest in the maker culture.

September 08 2008 06:12 am